New Album in 2014 - Kickstarter Project

November 5, 2013
A love letter to my fans....

When I drove to Nashville almost two years ago with my son in the backseat, against the backdrop of the many cardboard boxes filled with all of those things we just couldn't leave behind, I was fueled by your encouragement. For sometime now, you and all of your kind words have pushed me out onto countless stages across this country, held my hand until the line that just couldn't be written finally appears, and kept my ears ever-straining to hear that next song.

I started working on a new record almost a year ago. I knew immediately that it was going to be different from anything I'd done before. I decided that I was going to really take my time with it, the time to experiment and make a truly incredible sounding album. I have been working so hard and have put so much of myself into this thing. I can't wait for you to hear it.

All of the Kickstarter funds raised will go towards:

Recording costs (studio time, musicians) 
Album Artwork 

In total, this record is going to cost over $50,000 to make and release. But meeting the goal of $20,000 will be a HUGE help. If we exceed this goal, just know that all of the money raised will be put towards these costs.

I feel so lucky. Music is one of the things that I most love in this world. And the creation of each and every song is my favorite part. But thankfully I don't create in a vacuum. I do it for you. And because of you, I can keep doing it.

Please check out the full Kickstarter project here: Jill Andrew's - New Album in 2014. I truly appreciate all of the encouragement and support that you continue to give me. Thanks so much for helping me make this record.

Love, Jill


Spring, I thank God for you.

Yesterday my friend Hannah and I were writing together inside when we both realized hey! we should totally be doing the exact same thing outside, so we put a blanket in my front yard and hauled our guitars, our laptops, and our coffees out there.

While sitting in the sun I got that feeling--you know the one--when the season is changing, everything smells so familiar and reminds you of something but you never know quite what. I've been here before. I find myself humming “Strawberry Wine” and thinking about a boy that I loved my sophomore year. I've been here before. I feel the heat of the pavement burning the soles of my feet as my brother and I race from the driveway and into the sprinkler again and again. I've been here before. Every time I tear open the freezer there is a color wheel of popsicles waiting for me and my favorite flavor is always grape. I've been here before. I've seen the sea change, the rite of passage that we call Spring. And every year I resign my skin for months to slowly cooking in the sun, as pollen thick as snow falls to the ground, I breathe in deeply, then cough a little. I know that terrible tan lines are coming for me. It's already hot here in the south, but dang it feels good.

w/ Joan Osborne

**I was lucky enough to tour with Joan Osborne in March. Here is a video of us singing her beautiful song “Holy Waters” together. Link

Suburgatory w/ Anderson East

I got to sing a duet with my friend Anderson East on his song “Say Anything” which just appeared on Suburgatory April 10th. You can download it here:

the everybodyfields video - Live and Breathing Session

I got together with my old band the everybodyfields for a show at The Tennessee Theatre and a Live and Breathing session. Here's Sam and I singing "Angels."
Watch the video here:

"Aint no Ash" Video @ Live and Breathing

And here is "Aint no Ash," recorded at another Live and Breathing session with my talented pal, Josh Oliver.

Watch the video here:

I hope this finds you well.  Thank you for all that you do.....



Well Hello March...

Hello there!  These cold and snowy days here in Nashville have given me even more reason to sip a cup of tea and play some music.  I've been writing more than ever and just started recording a new record!

I had a really exciting February getting to open shows for Bob Schneider and The Avett Brothers.  Here's a video of me singing with The Avetts on their incredible song "Living of Love."

I also was lucky enough to have my song "These Words" appear on The CW's "Hart of Dixie."  Here is a link to that episode. (My song starts at (34:17)

March is filled with lots of exciting times on the road starting tomorrow in the southeast!

3.14 Rhythm and Brews, Chattanooga, TN (with Humming House opening) Buy Now

3.15 The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC (with Humming House opening) Buy Now

3.16 The Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC (with Humming House opening) Buy Now

3.21 Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.22 Newton Theatre, Newton, NJ (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.23 Avalon Theatre, Easton, MD (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.24 YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, Bay Shore, NY (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.26 Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY

3.27 Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.28 The Center for the Arts in Natick, Natick, MA (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.29 Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY (opening for Joan Osborne)

3.30 Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT (opening for Joan Osborne)

I hope to see you out there.  Thank you for always supporting me and music.