As a musician, traveling from town to town, I find myself in a variety of places and situations.  Last night I slept with a baby elephant.  It was small and grey like you would expect, resting on the bed where I was to sleep for the night.  I crawled right under the covers and held it close to my face.  It was soft and comfy and very unlike being in the van for hours cramped up between instruments and luggage.  My friend Sam, had put us up for the night in his family home and I was in the room where his sister Mary had grown up.  There was a signed poster of T. Swift on her wall.  She also had a cork board filled with magazine cut-outs of very attractive celebs and notes from friends enhanced with markers and bubble letters.  I felt like I was home.  Not my adult home where I am the parent to my own child, but the house where I was raised, the house where I was the girl with the animals and dolls lining my bed.  I had a poster of Keanu Reeves on my wall and shelves that my father built filled with ceramic unicorns and angels.  I had a cork board too.  There were blue and red ribbons from Field Day,  pictures of my elementary school basketball team (The Slam Dunkers!), and photographs of my best friends with mouths full of brand new adult teeth. I didn't have a stuffed elephant, but I did have a dog named Shep, a bear named Daisy, and some alien-like doll that supposedly came from a cabbage patch. I want to thank Sam, Mary and their Mother Amy for putting my band (and my great pal Emma!) and I  up for the evening.  I slept a dreamy sleep.  I was so tired, my contacts remained on my eyes long after they had closed and my dress acted as my P.J.s for the night.  So it was especially nice to have a place to call home.